Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kaylin Thistle

I interviewed Mitchell Who is in the Drama Department at UNCSA

I asked Mitchell a bunch of random questions about himself, then after he asked me the same questions. Its funny how some of our answers  are the same and some are totally different! The difference between Mitchell and I are that he is a Male, 2 years older than me and in the drama department.

Q: What makes you, you?
Mitchells Answers: Family, how I was raised with religious point and values. Going from public middle school to a private high school then here. All the experiences formed into one.
My Answers: Moving to four different states and going to a lot of different dance schools. I had gotten a lot of different experiences with meeting many people I learned the way I want to present myself. 

Q: What are your secret talents?
Mitchells Answer: Chopping Wood
My Answers: I can bend my thumb into my wrist

Q: Where were you born?
Mitchells Answer: Greensboro
My Answer: Byfield, Massachusetts

Q: Where is your dream place to live?
Mitchells Answer: Salzburg, Austria
My Answer: Hawaii

Q: What is your favorite food?
Mitchells Answer: A Good Burger
My Answers: Chinese Food  

Q: What is your favorite clothing store?
Mitchells Answer: American eagle
My Answer: American eagle

Q: Who is one person that inspires you?
Mitchells Answer: Patrick Stewart
My Answer: Amy Yakima

Q: Why did you come to UNCSA?
Mitchells Answer: I got in, Came to summer session 3 years ago and just thought it would be cool to audition.
My Answer: I wanted a fresh new start, new school, new people, and it seemed like a great place to go to school, with a great dance program.

Q: Cookies or cream?
Mitchells Answer: Cream
My Answer: Cream

Q: What is the meaning of life?
Mitchells Answer: Trying to figure out wither when something happens it was meant to happen or if it was made to happen.
My Answer: knowing that every life has a meaning

Q: What show do you watch on Netflix?
Mitchells Answer: Community, Doctor Who, Game of thrones
My Answer: Greys Anatomy

Q: Can you whistle?
Mitchells Answer: Yes!
My Answer: Yes!

Q: What is tour favorite senior memory
Mitchells Answer: The moment after split ended
My Answer: …I’m not a senior!

Q: What is your most prized possession?
Mitchells Answer: The actual Rj lupin wand from Harry Potter, My brother brought it back from Scotland for me.

My Answer: My baby blankets, to which I still have to this day, they are the first things I got from my parents. It’s my memory of them.

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