Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kaylin Thistle

     I haven’t been able to look at my phone and computer for a couple of hours now, I feel like I am not exactly missing out on what is happening at school or even just with popular people on instagram, but its just that I’m so used to checking my phone every five minutes when I’m not dancing or in school classes.   

      With not looking at any technology I have found things around my house to keep me busy. I used to make hair bows so I started up again, which is nice so I can sell them and make some money. Though I couldn’t look up new bow ideas online so I had to improvise. Which isn’t a bad thing it just means I will have to learn from my mistakes.  This shows that I would always rely on others to help me, not experimenting because I always wanted to make sure I was doing it right. Sometimes drawing outside the lines is a good thing.

      I live at school and so do all of my friends, so being at home and not having technology is difficult. Not being able to call someone or even a simple text (though no one actually ever texts me) is a struggle. Missing out on all the drama going on about who broke up with whom or if anyone got big news from an audition.  Mainly the only way news gets around at this school is by our phones.

      With Building social capital for me with technology helps keep in touch. I meet many new people every dance convention I go to, and I go to a lot of them through out the year. Friends that will last a long time, but a convention is only 3 days long and with getting each others numbers and instagram usernames helps us see what each other are doing and if they are going to a convention that I am going to.  Today one of my friends that I made over my five-week summer intensive in Miami was coming to UNCSA for a summer audition. She had known I went to this school and she was able to text me a couple of days prier to her arrival that she was coming so we were able to meet up and catch up on things, of course all dance related! A couple of days after my trial was over I had posted a picture of us on instagram. Though we had only know each other for five weeks we had a very strong friendship.  After the five weeks were over we had made a group chat so we could all text each other (which we still have to this day). Seeing everyone’s crazy snapchat stories is always fun and seeing what they are up to with instagram.  

    At breakfast the next day I didn’t have anything to look at so I was hoping to talk to my parents while I cooked my oatmeal, but that didn’t really happen. My dad was busy looking at the news on his laptop and my mom was checking her Facebook feed. So as I was asking how they slept last night and what they had planned for that day I didn’t get a respond until I called out “mom” or “dad”. I got a “what?” or “huh?” out of them, then what I thought they had heard the question they would just say “oh good”, not really knowing what I had said. They were glued to the screens of their laptops not knowing what was going on outside of their little world.  So I ate in quiet, which was weird since I’m use to talking to my roommate a breakfast, or at least someone. When kids, parents, anyone in this universe is looking at their phones, talking on them, listening to music, or anything that involves technology, they have no idea of the outside world. We can be completely oblivious with what we are doing that we don’t know what we are doing in real life. That’s not something to be proud of! 

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